Why Bank With McClain Bank?

At McClain Bank, you'll find...

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• Banking for 102 years, since 1922.
• Locally & Family Owned and Managed.
• Financially stable.
• Experienced staff with low turnover.
• Provide Stability and Consistency.
• Many employees from generationally employed families.
• Lending decisions made quickly and locally.
• Lending Team is Approachable, Available, and Responsive.
• We offer the Latest Technology and Digital Solutions.
• Progressive and Forward-thinking. 
• Willingly and regularly invest in local communities.
• Promote Local Growth and Education.
• Involved in Community Organizations and Events.

In short, we’re here because you matter. And what’s beneficial for you and your family is beneficial for the community. That’s not just something we say. It’s something we prove day in and day out. So come see us, we’d love to be your bank.