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With your business debit card, you can have greater payment acceptance than traditional checks. It can be used for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted - at millions of merchants and suppliers worldwide.

It's a great way to keep business and personal expenses separated. Use your business debit card for business expenses and your personal debit card for personal purchases. Need to make a business purchase but don't have a business account check on you? Your Visa business debit card allows you to make an impromptu purchase without using your own money.

Need cash quick? You can get cash from your checking or savings account at any ATM 24 hours a day. There is never a surcharge for McClain Bank customers if using a McClain Bank ATM.

Withdrawal Limits on Visa Debit Cards

  • Pinned - You may withdraw a maximum of $500 or your account balance, whichever is less, from an ATM terminal, per day, per card.
  • POS - Usage limits on business debit card transactions through the Visa network are at the bank’s discretion. “Off-host” periods may be limited to $750.

eStatements are everything we like!

  • Green – eStatements look exactly like traditional mailed statements – just without the paper. And less paper is better for us all.
  • Fast – No more waiting for your statement in the mail. We’ll notify you by email when your statement is ready.
  • Simple – Enrolling is easy. Just a few simple steps. And don’t worry, if you need help we’re here anytime to assist.
  • Secure – eStatements are secure and only accessible through Online Banking. And less financial information in your mailbox means fewer worries for you.
  • Free – eStatements cost you nothing. Plus you’ll have access to 18 months worth of statements. They can even be copied to a disk for future reference.

Enroll today!

All eligible account holders can enroll for statements and notices. To enroll - log in to online or mobile banking, select an appropriate account, then click Documents. The Enrollment screen will popup. All eligible accounts are selected as default. Verify your email address. Then scroll down, click Agree to Terms, and click Enroll Now. You'll receive a confirmation email, no action is required.

The system will then generate up to 18 months of statement history. Available documents will be listed under the eStatements/Notices tab. At the top you’ll also find options to signup/change available accounts, change email settings, and add/change additional recipients.
Bank by phone 24/7. With the McClain Bank 24/7 Account Information Line, you can access all sorts of account information for your checking and savings accounts, loans and CDs/IRAs. You can also transfer funds or make a loan payment.

And remembering the phone number for our 24/7 line is easy. Just dial 527-1-24-7. "1" because you are #1, "24" hours a day, "7" days a week. It's that simple.
With the different safe deposit box sizes that are available at McClain Bank, we have a safe place to keep your valuables. Rates start as low as $15 per year.

Contact Customer Service for more information.

Contents of Safe Deposit Boxes are not FDIC Insured.