Fraudulent Calls

Fraudulent McClain Bank Calls

McClain Bank has received reports that scammers are spoofing the bank’s main number, 405-527-6503, and presenting themselves as McClain Bank’s fraud department. Banks across the nation are facing the same scam call scenarios.  

If you receive one of these calls, do not disclose any card or personal information.  If you are asked for any personal information you should hang up immediately.

McClain Bank does not call customers and ask for information that is already on file with the bank including your digital banking username & password.


  • Never give out – or confirm – personal information such as account numbers, Social Security numbers, mother's maiden names, passwords or other identifying information in response to unexpected calls or if you are at all suspicious.
  • Use caution if you are being pressured to quickly divulge information – this is a sure sign of a scam.
  • Never share a one-time access code with a caller. 
  • Only scammers will demand that you pay by gift card, cryptocurrency, money transfer (CashApp, PayPal, Zelle, etc.), or cash. 
  • Please visit our Fraud Guidelines page for more information.