Debit Card Fraud

Debit card fraud results in losses of millions each year. At McClain Bank, we understand that fraud can cause a lot of stress, frustration and other emotions that can quickly turn a good day into a bad one. That's why we're always watching for signs of debit card fraud. We use several different systems to review each card transaction processed through the Bank. If we see something that appears suspicious, we may:
  • Add the card to a fraud watch list;
  • Attempt to verify the suspicious activity by
    • email
    • text message
    • phone call; and/or
  • Temporarily suspend the card to prevent further fraud.
While we can't guarantee that we'll catch all fraud before it affects you, our fraud analysts will make the verification and resolution process as quick and painless as possible.
It's imperative that you, the cardholder, are constantly aware of where your card is at all times. It's also important to have current anti-virus and firewall settings on your computer to prevent thieves from capturing your confidential information. It is also very important that we have current contact information for you in case the need arises.
To better protect you and the Bank, we occasionally create card transaction "blocks" to restrict certain card transactions. We recognize it can be extremely frustrating when your debit card doesn't work, but know that we do everything possible to minimize any impact to your day-to-day activities.
If you have any questions about debit card usage, or would like more information about any transaction blocks we have in place, please call a Customer Service Representative at (405) 527-6503.