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Switch Kit

Welcome! We are so excited that you've chosen McClain Bank for your financial needs. Let us help you make the transition easier by following these three simple steps. (To go directly to the forms, just click here.)

Open Your New Accounts

In order to establish an account at McClain Bank, you must provide two (2) forms of identification. You can click here for more information about all the accounts we offer, or feel free to call 405.527.6503 and talk to one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives.

Change Automatic Transactions


Direct Deposits – To switch any direct deposits you may have set up with your employer, retirement plan or the Social Security Administration, complete the Change Direct Deposit form. Some depositors require specific forms so check with them to be sure. A Customer Service Rep can help you with the rest.

Automatic Withdrawals – You will also need to contact the companies and financial institutions with which you have established automatic withdrawals. This would include your mortgage company, auto loan and insurance companies; in addition to your utility, telephone, cable/satellite or other companies. Complete the Change Automatic Withdrawal form and then a Customer Service Rep can help you with the rest.

Close Your Old Accounts

You’ll want to leave your old accounts open long enough for outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear. Don’t forget to leave a sufficient balance in that account to cover the transactions. Once the accounts are no longer active, send your former financial institution the Close Account form and request the balance from the accounts. Finally, destroy any old checks, debit or ATM cards and deposit slips.

That's it! And while it may take a little effort to change banks, we are certain you’ll be glad you did. McClain Bank has been helping Oklahoman families for generations… since 1922. We encourage you to take advantage of all the quality products and services we have to offer. Again, thank you for choosing McClain Bank for your financial needs. Welcome to the family!

Switch Kit Forms

To download the entire Switch Kit as one document, please click here.