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EMV Chip Cards

McClain Bank has started issuing EMV Chip Cards. Beginning February 2017, all new and reissued Visa Debit Cards will be EMV Chip Cards.

What's an EMV Chip Card?

EMV chip cards are debit cards with an extra layer of protection. They do everything magnetic stripe cards do but even more securely. The new cards are nearly impossible to counterfeit, and travel will be easier in more than 130 countries where chip cards are already used.

How do they work?

A computer chip securely stores the card data that currently resides on the magnetic stripe. This makes it nearly impossible to create a counterfeit EMV chip card. The computer chip enables more secure processing by producing a one-time code, or cryptogram, for each transaction.

How are they more secure?

Because EMV chip cards use cryptograms that are unique to each transaction, stolen chip card data cannot be used to create a counterfeit card. The added layer of security provided makes card data much less valuable, decreasing incentive for fraudsters to steal data.

How do I use an EMV chip card?



And remember, the chip card still has a magnetic stripe, just in case you need to use it with a traditional terminal.

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